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Hey guys! Fokko here with a contest for everyone! Yoosung Mystic Messenger 10  This contest is meant to give exposure to my current visual novel project!707 Mystic Messenger 5 
wanna check it out? Here! (it's on a lemma forums) 

Although I care about quality, dont be afraid to join! 
Moving on with the contest!
If youre doubting this contest because of my account being new, NO WORRIES. I have commissioned Riuuzu, blackcoffeeneko, and currently working with Hynori! Along with buying an adoptable from madinne which all can be found in my favorites under "Arts of OC" except for Hynori's work, thats on the lemma forums post!

Because it was requested a lot and its basically Easter Sunday, I decided to allow a ONE DAY extension. No more extensions just to give respects to whoever was able to submit to the original deadline. Once its April 17th, me and the judges will be given a week or two to thoroughly go through each submission and give a proper judgement. With these submissions, I'll be keeping an eye out to see who could be Himitsu's CG artist and will receive a note from me about the position. 

Deadline wont be pushed back HOWEVER, due to my personal life and lack of a CG artist. The demo and the kickstarter will be pushed back a month or two just so we can be on pace with things well. Hopefully, everyone whos interested would stay interested until we can release the demo!

Since we will be having a kickstarter, we will be having rewards. So to add some pressure I've decided that the winners plus 3~5 RUNNER UPS will be featured in our Digital Art Book!
With that being said, Im changing up how much entries I need. I'll be expecting at least 15 judge-able entries! Featuring and sharing around this journal helps A TON(will add those who feature these into a special thanks) 
Tiny Heart by apparate Must be a watcher (new watchers are welcomed, unwatching is NOT welcome)
Tiny Heart by apparate Fav and type "Himitsu"if you've read the entire journal and is considering in joining
Tiny Heart by apparate You can draw chibis however, I'd like for them to at least have background objects just so it'd be fair for whoever draws full body
Tiny Heart by apparate You can draw as many of them as you want, you can have multiple entries but only one of them would win
Tiny Heart by apparate Contest will be cancelled if not enough entries to judge
Tiny Heart by apparate You can donate and participate if you'd like!
Tiny Heart by apparate To submit entries, just mention the journal and me so I can add your entry/entries into the folder!

The OCs
You can find the girls you can draw and their personalities

Hanako and Ayaka are best friends
Sanae and Chiyo are frenemies
Maho is typically a loner
Nanami is friendly with everyone
Hana is the MC's little sister, MC has no look so you cant really draw him..

1st place: 250$
Tiny Heart by apparate colored sketch by IridescentPhoenix
Tiny Heart by apparate 100 points from shindianaify
Tiny Heart by apparate detailed chibi sketch from shindianaify
Tiny Heart by apparate Drawing request from RENNR
Tiny Heart by apparate Headshot drawing from cutefire
Tiny Heart by apparate Featured in Art book 

2nd place: 100$
Tiny Heart by apparate linesketch by IridescentPhoenix
Tiny Heart by apparate 100 points from shindianaify
Tiny Heart by apparate detailed chibi sketch from shindianaify
Tiny Heart by apparate Drawing request f rom RENNR
Tiny Heart by apparate Featured in Art book

3rd place: 50$
Tiny Heart by apparate 100 points from shindianaify
Tiny Heart by apparate detailed chibi sketch from shindianaify
Tiny Heart by apparate Featured in Art book

3~5 Runner Ups
Tiny Heart by apparate Featured in Art book


April 16th 11:59PM EST


Judges will be:
Myself, and two friends off DA Zen Mystic Messenger 3 
We'll be judging off of
Tiny Heart by apparate Quality and effort of the art
Tiny Heart by apparate Anatomy of the body
Tiny Heart by apparate Amount of personality shown for the girls
Tiny Heart by apparate Thinking outside the box! (what could we mean!? Jaehee Mystic Messenger 7 ) 

All the entries would be 

Good luck everyone! Yoosung Mystic Messenger 10  if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Created by KathleenMitch


iFynxie's Profile Picture
United States
A simple commissioner who likes to commission people on the side while working on projects!


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livedezu Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
Hello! I understand that times may be a little on the unfavorable side at this point, and I am more a spectator since I didn't make the contest deadline.. But I don't really find it too fair for the people who did work their hardest to meet your deadline don't get the same commitment in return!
It's.. Been exactly one month since the deadline date of the contest, and nearly a month in itself in terms of judging for this contest that was chosen to be held. Again, I'm merely a spectator in all of this, but this is the sort of activity that worries artists and prevents them from joining other contests. It's not fair to all the wonderful entries that made the whole event possible. You made April 16th the only extension. "No other extensions" was put right under it in your journal. I ask you how fair it is to continually give yourself extensions in this respect..?

Again, I understand times are tough. Everyone goes through those rough patches.. However it's kinda rude and damaging to keep pushing back your end of the deal when everyone did their best to hold up theirs. o)-<
Please, be considerate of your participants, fellow deviants, and possibly future commissioners. Flaking-out and shirking owed responsibility looks worse and worse down the line, especially when trying to get new people to work with you!
shindianaify Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
I'm a bit afraid too ;-;  I've worked so hard to make it to the deadline... 
Voiii Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Professional Digital Artist
Same here,  I never know from one day to the next if I'll truely have enough time to work on something, so I did get my entry in pretty early.
I almost thought abuot making a second entry, I'm feeling pretty happy I ended up not working on a second entry. xD

But I spent more time on my entry then I would a normal drawing, for the judge to not even give updates at least once a week about where they're at in their judging progress results really sucks! xD:;;
Likeee, I know I'm not gonna win, but I'm curious to see the results regardless. xD
The-Elusive-Caravan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Me too...
I'm starting to doubt... :(
GaleonaPyro Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you were brave enough to type this out. I'm pretty sure you have friends who have joined this contest too. I am also feeling a bit unrest from all of this, because,

I too, have a close friend of mine joined this contest and worked really hard for it and has not gotten a reply or received result of this contest.

They were excited to check for the results almost everyday, hoping that the results would be posted at anytime. But it's been already more than a month.
Seeing as 16th was the day it ended. It's going to be the next month too.

:( My friend is really upset about it too.
Dopamyn Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Hi who made your profile icon? It's adorable!
iFynxie Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
I found the icon on the internet somewhere sorry
PantherKuchiki Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
I was wondering for your visual novel what gaming program are u using
iFynxie Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017
The program we are using right now is ren'py
PantherKuchiki Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
ok thx :)
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